Accelerator Cable Kit – AT




Accelerator Cable Kit – automatic transmission Vanagons

This kit allows the original Subaru throttle cable to be used to connect the Subaru engine to the Vanagon Automatic transmission. The original Vanagon pedal to transmission cable is retained. Kit includes:

  • Bracket that bolts to the side of Vanagon trans
  • Cable that inserts into the original Subaru throttle cable
  • Connector to attach cable to transmission operating lever
  • 2 bolts to attach bracket to transmission

Note: 90-94 engines and the SVX have a 6mm barrel at the throttle body end. 95 on 2.2L and 2.5L models use an 8mm barrel. * You must have an original Subaru throttle cable.

Additional information

Barrel Size

6mm Barrel, 8mm Barrel